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USD 0.9204 108.780 0.80738 1.140636 1.61169
JPY 0.0084604 0.009192 0.007425 0.012921 0.014806
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About Bitfxpro

Bitfxpro is an innovative brand with a unique vision to provide unparalleled superior trading conditions, advanced education and state-of-the-art trading tools in the forex industry.

Bitfxpro service allows you earn on the Forex market without having to make trades yourself; by investing in the accounts of experienced traders

Our Features

Active Trader Spreads

Are you a large volume trader looking for tighter spreads? Bitfxpro provides high volume active traders with tight, executable spreads during peak trading times. Few examples are EUR/USD averages 0.2 pips during peak hours, 0.2 pips** during peak hours, USD/JPY averages 0.2 pips during peak hours

Price Improvements

Over 88% of orders have zero or positive slippage. 66.22% of all orders had NO SLIPPAGE. 22.47% of all orders received positive slippage. 65.63% of all limit and limit entry orders received positive slippage.

Execution Speed

Fast trade execution is critical to any trader's success in the forex and CFD marketplace. Bitfxpro provides speed in addition to price and access to liquidity.

Experts Support 24/7

Everything we do at Bitfxpro is all about you. With multi-tier support personnel at your beck and call you are never left with questions unanswered. Each account is assigned a support team and a dedicated account manager, making it a cinch to reach out to us whenever you ned assistance.

Instant Exchange

Foreign exchange is based predominantly on the principle of financial liquidity. Bitfxpro understands that fully and that is why we have integrated various exchange options to make your financial assets highly available across board.

Safe & Secure Wallet

The protection of your financial assets is a top priority to Bitfxpro. With over 37% asset volume insurance we have got high quality protection against loss of your financial loss. Implementing top level secure encryptions for wallet transactions ensure risk free user account access.

Get Started With Forex Trading

Forex is a portmanteau of foreign currency and exchange. Foreign exchange is the process of changing one currency into another currency for a variety of reasons, usually for commerce, trading, or tourism. For those just getting started, we have kept things simple.

Create Your Wallet

Register an account right now and a member of our dedicated team will get in touch with you with advice and guidiance on how to start earning successfully from Forex trades. With our dedicated account managers, new traders are not alone in the fast-paced Forex environment.

Fund Your Wallet

Login to your Forex Account, and under the guidiance experienced dedicated account managers, you can fund your wallet through a variety of payment methods. Fund your wallet and account will get provisioned for trading within the next 24 - 72 hours

Cash Out Profits

Withdrawing your profits is a matter of 3 clicks. We have made the process so trivial, it's unbelievable. Withdrawals are available in EUR, GBP, USD CAD as well several crypto currency options. Also there are no hidden commissions or charges.

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Current Market Values

The Forex market is a very volatile market. Constant monitoring of it's fluctuations and critical understanding of the underlying implications is crucial to making profitable trades. At Bitfxpro we are constantly watching the pulse of the market to safe guard the investments of every principal we represent. To become a part of this profitable venture click the get started button below.

Name Value change % Change Open High Low Prev
Dow 30
Nikkei 225 19389.43E 724.83 3.88% 19021.97 19389.43 18832.21 18664.60
DAX Index 9632.52E -368.44 -3.68% 9793.50 9886.18 9541.83 10000.96
FTSE 100 5427.9 -359.5 -6.21% 5787.4 5787.4 5387.9 5787.4
Euro 1.11570E 0.00770 0.69% 1.10700 1.11875 1.09910 1.10800
Gold 1625.0E -26.2 -1.59% 1640.4 1647.2 1611.4 1651.2
Crude Oil 21.51E -1.09 -4.82% 23.29 23.44 20.88 22.60
Natural Gas 1.634E -0.003 -0.18% 1.640 1.650 1.597 1.637
Corn 346'0E -2'6 -0.79% 348'4 350'0 342'4 348'6
EURUSD 1.11133 -0.00187 -0.17% 1.11174 1.11279 1.11067 1.11320
GBPUSD 1.24025 -0.00466 -0.37% 1.24177 1.24483 1.23915 1.24491
USDJPY 107.685 -0.225 -0.21% 107.686 107.975 107.610 107.910
USDCHF 0.95195 -0.00106 -0.11% 0.95319 0.95421 0.95095 0.95089
AUDUSD 0.61286 -0.00364 -0.59% 0.61555 0.61555 0.61125 0.61650
USDCAD 1.40714 0.01002 -0.72% 1.40167 1.40755 1.40139 1.39712